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Question #14

Most people are envious of someone; be it for their appearance, their job, their wealth, the person they are married or otherwise with. There are likely people that are envious of anybody reading this question. Kind of like the turtle on the bottom of a stack of turtles may think the one on their back is having a wonderful time, while that turtle feels the same about the turtle above them. Potentially, the turtle on the top may be afraid of heights as well. Or they could be too stupid, oblivious, or angry to enjoy it when they get there. So the question is this:

Why are standard mayonnaise jars designed in such a way that when you are trying to get the last of the mayonnaise out, you have to reach in and try to get it in such a way that it gets on the back of your hand? I hate that.

And the bonus question is, what does it have to do with envious turtles because I assure you they are most inextricably linked at this moment.

Just askin'


  1. That never happens to me as I use a standard butter knife but always buy the smaller jar. The turtles are envious of the knife, they want one to scoop out their turtle body from the shell.

  2. I am imagining all of these shell-less turtles and trying to figure out why they would want that exactly.

  3. yes well, standard mayonnaise jars are just that... standard, but now they come in squeeze bottles too and you cannot even get your hand in there... but I have never had this problem, my hand must be small enough to fit with the knife, or really I am probably too lazy to try that hard to get the mayo. Turtles, do they taste good with mayo?

  4. As far as I know, a turtle sandwich is damn near inedible without mayo.


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