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Question #10

People do have a thing for certain types of animals, mostly the furry, big-eyed, normal speed of movement types. Of course there are exceptions to both the people and the animals, some people love reptiles, and most rats are furry.

With that in mind, would it change your eating habits if animals tasted good in direct ratio to how cute they were? (Vegetarians need not answer, they already have.) Before you answer, imagine sitting at the table and being asked if you want another big juicy piece of fried kitten.

Just askin'


  1. If it were part of my culture to eat tasty fried kittens, I probably would eat them seeing as I love meat of most sorts whether the animal is ugly or cute.

  2. Well . . . I won't eat lamb. Does that answer the question?

  3. Yes, my eating habits would change from "basically everything" to "basically everything but preferring cute animals"


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