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Question #15

Similarly as in question #2, there are things that are assumed to be good.

Like unicorns, and politicians in our own party, and Gandhi.

Who says unicorns are not even now feasting on baby harp seals?
And whoever is in charge of things doesn't have their own agenda ahead of ours?
And that because he was a human being, Gandhi didn't cause somebody some where to say: "F'n Gandhi, I hate that guy. He still owes me money from that thing that time, and now he's all 'I have no attachment to earthly belongings' and junk. Dang."

Just askin'


  1. The qquestion is the reverse of #2. Why do we automatically think these are the good things? Surely just as some things we assume are bad may not be, some of the things we assume are good may not be quite so good either?


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