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Question #145

Would you adopt a pet if you knew that it would slowly melt into a puddle over its natural life span? Like kittens are solid, but eventually elderly cats are the ones that have lost all cohesion in their bodies?

Question #138

If the most comfortable jacket you owned was soft and durable and was warm enough for winter, but also not too warm for normal temperatures, and it had an adequate and well designed amount of pockets, but it was made of rat pelts, would you tell anyone?

Question #129

What if you had time shoes that make time slow down or speed up determined by your walking speed? If you did, are you concerned that you would also then stop time by not walking. So you would have to walk all the time to keep time moving. What about aging processes? Would you age more quickly than everyone else because time was not passing for them while you slept? Of would it be a weeping angels type thing where you stopped and could never start again because there was no time? How would you take the shoes off? Do they continue to work while not being worn? Like you take them off, and time is stopped and you cannot put them on again? What about hopping and jumping? What if you walk backwards, does time flow backwards? do they only work for you, or could someone kidnap you and strap you to a treadmill? Or worse, invent a machine to which they could attach your severed feet? What about hopscotch? What if you grow out of them? what if the laces break, does it make a difference? What if

Question #124

If we could only communicate by means of instrumental music, what would you sound like? Would children sound like piccolos, and James Earl Jones like a double bass? Or would it be regional, like people from London all sounded like violas? Just askin.

Question #123

If you could choose, would you prefer that your pet dog produced delicious berries from its skin every month, or that it had gills that allowed it to live either on land or in the ocean?

Question #122

What would you pick as a full back tattoo for your worst enemy, knowing that they got to pick one for you as well and you both just had to accept what you got?

Question #121

What would be the best and most effective torture method for the enjoyment of your enemies? Something they would like so much they would give up their secrets just to thank you for the torture?

Question #119

Doesn't it seem like "reverse racism" would be making sure people of one race are advantaged more than another? How is this different than actual racism? Is it like flammable/inflammable, where they seem to mean the same thing?