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Question #170

Have you ever felt like you finally finished a to-do list? And the feeling of triumph that came from that, up until the moment you realized it was last September’s to-do list?

Question #169

I'm sick of being part of history. Can we just be in an era about which people say "and during this time, not too much happened, but the food and TV was pretty good" for at least a few months? Please?

Question #165

Evolution is a process that has had billions of years to create a mind boggling diversity of creatures and environments. So, the question is, hey Evolution! Where is my Filet O' Fish tree? Where is the shaving bird that should come in the morning to softly peck beards into shape

Question #161

Who swam to the bottom of the lagoon and looked at a sea urchin, and said “I bet if I pry that painful spiky thing off the rock, it will have some mushy glop on the inside that can be scraped out and eaten.”