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Question #6

How long would you stand in line to gain the ability to understand what spiders are thinking? Would that be any different if you knew they could only think in terms of really creepy poetry?

Just askin'


  1. 4 hours for the spiders. 6 hours for creepy spider poetry.

  2. I would not even approach that line unless someone told me it was worth it. If it was worth it to someone I trusted. Then I might wait five minutes.

  3. flies flies flies wriggling flies yes we have them trapped flies in the web in the morning the dew covers the bundles of sustenance with shiny beads that stretch out over the web again i feel the gentle twang as they step onto the silk oh yes oh yes the fangs sink in and they are mine

    all mine

    Thankyou, thank youverramuch.

  4. I would never wait, nor get near the line, nor ever want to know what a spider is thinking. I am a true arachnophobe. I can barely stand writing the word or reading it.


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