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Question #90

What do you think would happen if you changed the decade you are in now to the one you would like have lived in in your mind? So even though outside your head it is the twenty-first century, in your mind everyone is wearing fedoras and saying "Hey, what's the big idea," and "What's shakin' Jackson?" and "I have half a mind to put an end to this business once and for all."

Just askin'


  1. I think if you couldn't conceal it, you'd end up in a padded cell fairly quickly.

    "What do you mean, I'm under arrest? He tried to stab me with a sword!"
    "Nice try, but he threw a pen at you. That's no reason to decapitate him."

  2. Well, they are doing the same stuff, but you just see it as happening in the 40's. Like they threw a cheap bic pen at you, but you see it as a cheap fountain pen. So you say "Hey Mac, what gives? What's the big idea?" You know, same stuff, different decade but only in your mind. The police show up, but they have the old timey uniform on. They may not notice anything except that you talk like a 1930's gangster.

  3. That would be highly entertaining and a blessing not having to listen to modern perversions of language and awful slang.

    Seriously, I'd have loved nothing more than to hear 'Carpe Diem!" every time some kid squawked a 'YOLO'


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