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Question #9

We all have different tolerances for waiting. I have stood in line for hours to be first to get into the first showing of a movie, and have waited in line for hours at theme parks for rides lasting less than a minute.

How long would you wait in line to get something that would be really great for a bunch of other people? What if all the people in the line had not showered in many days? What about if the people who got this wonderful thing had no idea where it came from? What if they knew it came from you but never said thanks?

Just askin'


  1. What kind of Wonderful are we talking about? Good ice cream or world peace wonderful? Good ice cream would not be worth it but world peace or finding people's lost children would be worth it.

  2. Like a cure for a relatively obscure but painful fatal disease, or 25% increased sanity between political parties, or maybe one invention from star trek.


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