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Question #82

My grandfather was a man of specific habits. Once he figured out what he liked in a particular category, he would try and do the same thing every day. Up at 4:30 am, Carnation Instant Breakfast, listen to the radio, etc. If you have to pick just one item for breakfast from now on forever, what is it? Just askin'

Question #81

Sometimes, we feel like we can classify people and that we assume we know more of their life story at first glance than can possibly be true. For example, when we see someone standing in the street, our mind instantly tries to determine and correlate their type and their intent. In the back of our mind, we guess their motives, their needs, their possible threat level, etc. Then we make a decision on what to do. With that in mind: Do you give money to buskers who are not good at the instruments they play? Just askin'

Question #77

Do you want a lobster to know your name? Would it matter when you ate them if you knew that they did? Keep in mind that they have almost no brain, so they would not be able to do much with the information. Just askin'

Question #76

If you had to pick one, which Sheen would you prefer to be stuck in a dark elevator with? Does it vary depending on how long it takes to fix the elevator? Just askin'

Question #73

Do you think if they took all the girls you knew when you were single and brought them all together for one night, would it match your sweet imagination? Just askin' credit that one to Paul Simon.

Question #72

Clothes make the man, they say, although I think generally women notice more about what people are wearing because of generally higher ability in level of detailed observation. So: Do you dress better if you know you're going somewhere where mean people are? Just askin'

Question #70

Could you get a shotgun within 3 hours if you needed one because of a report of just one zombie? If so, would that be the weapon you would choose? Given three hours, would you try to get something else? Just askin'

Question #69

Kids are able to act without any reference to the consequences of their actions, although there is some debate over when they start to realize that what they do affects others and truly understand what that means. So: Are little kids mean because they need to be or because they want to be? Just askin'

Question #63

Sometimes, we allow people their foibles or a little more latitude in their behavior or actions because of their physical appearance. Like when someone looks like they are nice, we assume they are, or if they look jolly we think they must be. So do you have different standards for different groups of people? For example: would you let a voodoo priestess live on your downstairs bedroom if you had one if she was oddly attractive in a creepy way? Just askin'

Question #62

In every business, one needs to keep up appearances, and needs to figure out how to move forward or to keep one's place where they are. I am sure it is about the same with minor celebrities of any stripe, like local news weather people, or people who star in their own commercials for their small business. What do you think the worst part about being only slightly famous would be? Just askin'

Question #61

There are certain features of any place where people live, from the cranky old man at the end of the block that takes your baseball if you hit it in his yard and says " SEE THIS, IT'S MINE NOW! ," to the people who are so concerned about their lawn that they water it at night, to the kindly neighbors who bake cookies or pie to bring to the new arrivals. Your neighborhood may not have all of those people, and may have others that arequirky and recognizable in their own way. With that in mind: Who lives in that scary house at the end of the block? You know, the one that you won't even go to for free hallowe'en candy and that you run past when you are walking around the block. Just askin'

Question #58

Do you think that $150.00 for a painted coconut is way too much, even if it is nice and painted very specifically to represent something important about you? Just askin'

Question #54

Imagine, if you will, the nicest person you know. Hopefully that person is niceness personified. Yet they are still a person, with all the foibles and other issues that people have. That means they have good and bad days, and they have people they like more or less. With that in mind: What is the meanest thing you ever saw a really nice person do? Just askin'

Question #52

Do you think vampires can taste the difference between blood types? Like there might be vampire snobs who only go for the more exclusive types, like Ab negative or someting? I am O- so might they think that my blood was the Bud Light of the blood selection? Not PBR, that would be O+ Just askin'