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Question #64

Who do you like the most that you have never spoken to?

Just askin'


  1. Okay, I just have to say I'm really mad at my internet because this is twice now I've posted a comment only to have it disappear because my damn internet keeps going out. I just needed to vent that.

    To sum up my last answer: I would have had a great answer for this if you said 'did' and not 'do', but see, recently I've been trying not to let my creeper tendencies override my life and therefore speak to people before I form a judgment. I said probably, therefore, Robert Downey Junior, with the caveat that I'd probably dislike (I said 'hate' before but I'm toning that down in retrospect) him if I ever met him in person.

    I then went on a rant about how most people would probably say Jesus, except then I realized most people *have* spoken to Jesus, including me, but he doesn't often respond. I asked if that counts.

  2. I was more thinking about people that were around enough so you knew them personally but had not spoken to them, but that works too.


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