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Question #72

Clothes make the man, they say, although I think generally women notice more about what people are wearing because of generally higher ability in level of detailed observation. So:

Do you dress better if you know you're going somewhere where mean people are?

Just askin'


  1. Hmm.... I think it depend on the type of mean. Thuggish or scary mean, absolutely not - I don't want to look more muggable. Snooty mean, yes. Mostly because I only interact with these people in dress-coded situations.

  2. Oh, crap, I can't delete that and correct my 'depend' to 'depends'. This is embarrassing.

  3. Do you wear depends when you know you're going somewhere that mean people are? I first though about this because I was going to interview and my co-workers almost died from seeing me in a suit and tie

  4. Depends, if they would be intimidated or unsettled by me dressing up then yes. If it's more along the line of getting attacked, no something easily to move in and good shoes for running.


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