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Question #5

Somewhere in the world there is someone who is the best at everything. Like the best pole vaulter is the guy who vaulted the highest. Also, there is someone who is the best at playing that scratch fish percussion instrument, as there must be. (My vote is this guy, but I could be wrong.) The point being, there is a hierarchy of skill in anything, from shrimp fishing to sculpting with chicken wishbones. (totally this woman, no question.)

With that in mind, as a percentage, how many people in the world are you better than when it comes to going to the bathroom and why?

Just askin'


  1. I am simply hands down the best at going to the bathroom as it takes a maximum of 30 steps from anywhere in my house to get to the room that has a bath in it. What I do once I get in there is another story. You didn't say anything about that part.

  2. From a time elapsed standpoint, I like my chances.

  3. All I know is I am the best at going #2 in my household, and I am not going to explain why.


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