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Question #22

Most people have opinions about things, and generally feel strongly about them. Sometimes they agree with yours, and sometimes they don't. For example, if you ask ten people at random who they think is running things, how, and why, you will probably get wildly divergent answers from a tightly held conspiracy to an absolute anarchy that nobody understands. Maybe it is good, maybe it is not, maybe it is an illusion, maybe it is all just as it looks on the surface.

Personally, I have to think that since everybody views things slightly differently, their views and beliefs are also shaped by that, so one person's poison is another person's medicine; another person's social progress is the other guy's creeping fascism.

What do you feel so dismissive of that you would even cross personal boundaries of family and friends to let them know how you feel, even at risk of causing problems?

Just askin'


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