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Question #21

You know how you hear things like "they say that you should never leave your toothbrush out next to the toilet," or "well you know, they say everyone needs to eat seven servings of pure manteca per month to prevent scurvy," or "they recently discovered that the acai berry can change the results of late sixties municipal elections," and such?

Who are "they," and why should we believe them?

I mean if you ask ten people, three of whom are insane, three of which are liars, two people with really bad english skills, and two who are unable to talk about anything but the Red Sox all together in an elevator dispensing life wisdom, doesn't that count as a group you would call "they"?

As in "they said I should ask David Ortiz about how to use my car keys to cure the ebola virus by neutralizing the powers of the group that controls earthquakes by sign language."

And would you take their advice?

Just askin'


  1. They are our own internal doubts about the decisions we make, attempting reinforcement from others


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