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Question #3

If you were in charge of granting people's childhood dreams, but each time you did somebody you know personally would feel an instant of paralyzing fear, how many times per day would you grant a wish?

Just askin'


  1. Zero. I hear karma is a witch. (keeping it "G")

  2. One instant is worth a dream that may last forever. I have pondered trading one week of intense pain a year for the rest of the year being absolutely pain free. I think I would do it as the mood hit me.

  3. I would probably do it until somebody I knew told me they had an awful fearful moment and it turned out badly. I think everyone is scared of something, so on balance would one more instant be a problem if the payoff was worth it?

  4. Think of this. If you used it often, then someone would wish "I wish I'd stop feeling random instances of paralysing fear", then they would no longer feel it. Once everyone wished that, you'd be home free.


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