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Question #4

Which would you choose:

being right 95% of the time and be acknowledged as such on anything you think, do, or say,

or having a 500 person strong army of crazy people who would do anything you want them to do?

Just askin'


  1. I would choose the second but only for philanthropic and just causes. For instance, you could have them clean everyone's bathrooms in town instead of going to riot or something of that nature.

  2. Phyllis says she never wants to have that many crazy people around especially in one place, and Finn thought it was a great idea. Personally, I think it would be interesting to be able to haev them all go to protests for me and make it look like an overwhelming majority of people want what I believe in. Also household chores would be a snap.

  3. hmmm Phylis is probably right (as she must be 95% of the time because I know I am) but I want the army.... and I'd have them deal with the city's gopher problem and hand pick all the slugs and snail out of everyone's gardens.Grow organic produce and disperse it to all for free. then when the zombies, demons, or what not from that other question decide to attack SF, Everyone I know is welcome to come over and be protected by my crazy people.

  4. I'd take the army, cause I'm already right about 87% of the time which is a pretty good score.


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