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Question #48

I am convinced that most people are programmed to always either downplay their skills and abilites in a self deprecating way, or they overstate them in an arrogant way. Think about it, can you picture shuffling your feet and saying the equivalent of "aw shucks, t'warnt nothin'" when you get complimented? What about forcefully saying "yup, that was me," when someone expresses thanks for something that happened?

Do you think people with super powers would be like that? Like Aquaman says "nah, Wonder Woman really captured most of the zombies, all I did was the waterspout that washed them into the cages. You should give her the medal, not me." Or maybe the opposite, Robin says "Yeah, but what about me, if I hadn't knocked over the barrel of oil they wouldn't have been there for Batman to singlehandedly defeat and immobilize until the police got here. And I brought Starbucks for everyone. That counts, right?"

Just askin'


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Question #2

Why does everyone assume that ghosts, robots, zombies, or aliens are always interested only in destroying us and all we hold dear? If they were nice when not dead or undead, or if they were programmed by nice people or have an advanced civilization on their planet, why are they automatically going to be nasty to us when they get here/are turned on/rise from the grave? Just askin'