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Question #39

There is a posit which can also fit into various explanations or worldviews, that it is the choices you make that lead you to where you are today. It makes sense, right? Turning left when you could go either way when walking down the street, and you avoid the safe falling out of the window that would have crushed you; giving your future spouse and parent of your children another chance after an awful first date; not taking the job that might have led to a future criminal indictment for insider trading; checking again that you had turned off the oven so you didn't burn down your house. These choices all affected your life and put you on another path to your present location.

If you accept this as true, why would you attempt to prevent your children from repeating your mistakes?

Just askin'


  1. Because your parents attempted to prevent you from repeating theirs?

  2. Potentially yes, but then again don't you want your children to gain the wisdom that resulted from those mistakes?


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