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Question #40

I am convinced that empathy is relative, and is also usually guesswork on most people's part. You can never truly know what other people are thinking or wanting, but you can observe them closely and decide what you are going to do based on what you think they are feeling at that time. Some of us are better than others at it. I would bet that those who are motivated to either please others or thwart the will of others are the best at it.

Can you think of times you have done things perhaps not even consciously that you figured out would be likely to be bad for someone else but have no effect on you? I guess basically it would only be to mess with them?

Later, does it feel like a waste of time to have done so? Why or why not?

Just askin'


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Why does everyone assume that ghosts, robots, zombies, or aliens are always interested only in destroying us and all we hold dear? If they were nice when not dead or undead, or if they were programmed by nice people or have an advanced civilization on their planet, why are they automatically going to be nasty to us when they get here/are turned on/rise from the grave? Just askin'