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Question #80

Do you know how many forks you have?

Just askin'


  1. I do. I have 10. I know this because I JUST put away the dishes and was confused as how to have 10 forks but only 6 spoons. Someone is stealing my spoons!

  2. We have four. I know this, because they're all disappearing, and I'm pretty sure there's one in our car, that's been sitting there for MONTHS. When there are only four forks, you make sure they're all accounted for.

  3. So my grandmother just died. It was sad, but not tragic as she went the way she wanted and she was 94. Pretty good run, if I do say so myself. However in the divvying up and dealing with belongings part, I somehow ended up with a bunch of flatware to put in the garage. So now I have MOAR forks. Like 80. Let me know if you need some.


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