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Question #52

Do you think vampires can taste the difference between blood types? Like there might be vampire snobs who only go for the more exclusive types, like Ab negative or someting? I am O- so might they think that my blood was the Bud Light of the blood selection? Not PBR, that would be O+

Just askin'


  1. Yes! I think they have a preference as to what they like to drink. At least they do on True Blood...haha.

  2. Any vampire story I've written allows for them to taste differences in type. It's a honed thing, like wine tasting, and generally they can learn what various blood-borne chemicals taste like as well.

    Also, I don't know if you think Bud Light is way better than PBR, but O- is still relatively rare and Bud Light sucks. For your sake I'll upgrade you to Chimay Blue.

    Also, now I know your blood type and I won't soon forget it.

  3. I will tell you any thing you want for the Chimay Blue. Just sayin. I was thinking bud light because O- is like 10% I think. But now that I think of it you are right.

  4. I don't see why they wouldn't. But I'm not sure that it would entirely depend on blood type. Probably factors like nutrition and amount of drugs in the blood stream would effect taste as well.

  5. So maybe people who have high cholesterol taste more like bacon, or waygu beef? Because the healthiest most fit animals who have been out excercising in the wild and living off their wits are usually not as good tasting as the ones who sit all day in a field building up their marbling...


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