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Question #50

Why do we think that great literature or great movies have to be disturbing? That they have to make you think? Why can't we just think about something good, or be happy that we were well entertained? Do we think we don't deserve it?

Just askin'


  1. I think because we're fascinated by the books or films that make us think as well as entertaining us. If we can't get them out of our heads, we're more likely to consider them great. And when we find something disturbing, sometimes we can admire it for challenging us - though sometimes we just dismiss. Surely one of the better human qualities is the ability to appreciate being challenged in some way.

  2. Good point, but why do we think art that is merely entertaining is of less value? Isn't it challenging to make people happy as well as challengingly disturbed? I ask because I am currently reading a book that is well written and compelling, but also disturbing in a fundamental way. I have to finish it, but I am not going to increase my joy by doing so.


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