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Question #27

So imagine you are walking down a long corridor with an endless number of doors on either side. The hallway is a gentle inoffensive taupe color which is so innocuous that you wouldn't be able to describe it later. The doors are all unlabeled, and they have hotel style key readers and lever doorhandles. The lights are recessed bulbs in the ceiling that cast a neutral yellowish light. Additionally, each door has a light at the top of its recessed alcove. The floor is tiled in off white linoleum with a subtle pattern on it, and your feet make slight squeaking noises as you walk. This is the only sound you hear save for a faint background hum you understand to be the air conditioning system.

The corridor stretches unchanged into the distance as far as you can see. Every quarter mile or so, there is a weathered copy of USA Today laying on the ground in front of one of the doors. The dates on the papers are all different, but none of them is any more recent than March 11, 2006.

Do you have the picture?

The question is:

Why are you there?

Just askin'


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