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Question #88

Sometimes I look at birds and think of how they are supposed to have evolved from dinosaurs. I look down at the pigeons and think "man, you've let really yourselves go. Dang, have some pride."

If you were able to tweak an animal's evolutionary path towards something else or some other attribute, what would you do?

Just askin'


  1. I would tweak predators towards sympathy, so they weren't always eating the babies. Also, I would tweak human beings to FLY.

  2. fmcm@oneweirdquestion.blogspot.comJuly 19, 2011 at 11:45 PM

    I would like that tweak, but would we get to have huge leathery wings? I would like to have huge leathery wings.

  3. Hm. I would say that it would take three directions: One would go fairy wing, the other bird wing, and the last one DINOSAUR WING.

  4. I pick Dinosaur Wing. I would practice opening them suddenly with a "FWUMP!" Would the different winged be able to breed? Do they make feathery fairies or shiny translucent dino wings?

  5. I would tweak many species to develop telepathic communication so they could really communicate with each other.

    I also think making humans capable of flight would great.

  6. There is an interesting take by Harlan Ellison on telepathy and how gross it would be to paw through other's minds and also to have your mind pawed through, it is called Mephisto in Onyx. He basically says if you could read someone else's mind you would be appalled and feel soiled afterwards. I kind of wonder what that says about the one mind that he can read...


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